A Brief History of Film Music commissioned by the Festival of Music and Cinema, Aubagne, France, 2019/for orchestra

String Quartet Nº1 commissioned by the ArsMusica Festival, Brussels/ Premier October 31, 2017, Brussels  
Je Suis Venu avec des Chaussures (en trois mouvements) (I Came Wearing Shoes) for Violin and Saxophone Quartet/ commissioned by the Arcis Saxophon Quartett, Munich/ Premier September 11, 2017 in Hildesheim, Germany by the Arcis Quartet and Vineta Sarieko, violin    
Les Conseils d'une Mère (A Mother's Advice) (lullaby for mixed choir) commissioned by Aquarius/ dir. Marc Michael de Smet/recording May 2016 in Maria Louisa, Belgium for Jade Records
(Symphony N° 1) Pièces à Conviction for orchestra/commissioned by the Sacem and  France Musique as the prize for best film music in 2014/Premier by  the Philharmonic Orchestra of Radio France/conducted by Marzena Diukin/ November 13, 2015     
Accordato Duo for accordeon and violin/commissioned by the Duo Daltin/Milone
La Salle est Pleine for Harp, accordeon, double bass and violi ad libitum/commissioned by the Lasalle Festival/France 2014                
Pièces Détachées Pour Instruments à Vent (Spare Parts for Wind Instruments) (woodwind quintet) commissioned by the French National Radio/2011     
Chambery Jam piano quintet/ commissioned by the Rencontres de Bel Air  /2007  
March of the Flying Monkeys for 20 double basses/2006     
Spring Training for Quartet and Children’s Choir/commissioned by Dominique Desjardins for the Bessans Festival 2005    
Axonomy/violin solo/dedicated to Richard Axon (premier 15/06/2001/ Th. du Lierre/Paris)    
Summer Music for Harp, Flute, and String Trio/commissioned by the Patrick Gallois Quintet/ premier: Festival de Gargilesse (France) 2000    
Some Other Fish Quintet for Piano, violin, viola, 'cello & bass Commissioned by French National Radio/recd. 1999    
Rainbow Chicken on Broadway for clarinet and piano/ premier at the Cité de la Musique, Paris (May 23, 1998) Jeff Cohen/Carol Robinson
Oh Me! Oh life! (soprano, piano & double bass) poem: Walt Whitman

Groan Organic (woodwind quintet) Quintette Nielsen/La Villette/1997
L'Enclos (soprano and piano)  text: Nourreddine  Elansari/commande de l'Opéra Peniche, Paris    
To a Stranger  (tenor and piano) for Robert White/ poem: Walt Whitman (1860) /CD Hyperion CDA66920  with Robert White, tenor and Sam Sanders, piano    
Uscita (Exit) for piano and double bass/Commande du C.N.S.M. de Paris/Editions Durand 1994
A Small But Happy Family for double bass and flute
TGV  615  for double  bass and harp/ Commande du C.N.S.M. de Lyon/ 1992
Remote  Control  for  double  bass, piano  and  violin/Commissioned by Sonata Concert,  France
D'Ici  Là  et  Retour  (From Here to There and Back Again) for two double basses

Concert Works/Oeuvres de Concert

Kuhmo Festival, Finland